Alice: Otherlands - Upcoming 3D animated sequel to Alice: Madness Returns [x]

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Here’s a beautiful leaf I found walking home from school today.

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How @musclebottom84 serves breakfast in bed

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When you’re sharing the same hiding spot with someone during hide n seek

Isn’t the above GIF a porn scene?! xD

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this was going to be a Thing for a Thing but I changed my mind I’m going to do a ct comic. i’ll do Things later

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Yeah, one of the issues of being gay is finding more gay guys and even if you find some, it doesn’t mean all of them can interest you. I mean heterosexual guys have this problem too, but it’s even worse with gay guys and sometimes it tends to be even more tiring when people just say “just wait until college…” We want a byfriend too, we’re also looking for someone, and not just to get laid, don’t assume that.

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so i want to listen to a single song but it’s one of those songs that fades into another song when you listen to it on the album and now i’m conflicted 

I feel you, happens everysingle time…


This Thursday, October 23 at 1pm PST Avatar and Korra co-creators Mike and Bryan are doing a live chat on on the Avatar Wiki! 

Check here for more details and to submit questions for them

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This is so fucking important.

Pay attention people, not only women suffer from sexism, us men suffer too and a lot more thatn you may think, the fact that we don’t recognize is irrelevant to its existence.

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